The 12 Calanques hills, sort of Provencal fiords, emerged 6 millions years ago. The calanques are deep narrow valleys, surrounded by abrupt rocky cliffs, dug in former times by rivers which were flodded by the sea in 10000 years ago. The Cosquer cave found in 1984 120ft underwater, proved human presence 25 000 years ago.

Today, the tiny beaches surrounded with high white walls falling into the turquoise water offer an impressive panorama to the walkers and boat trippers and a well known spot to rock climbers. Wildlife abounds with countless seabirds, foxes, stone martens, bats.. and a flora offering more than 900 plant species. The Calanques mountains also offer 160 KM of protected tracks along the coast between Marseille and Cassis, reaching its highest point at Mont Puget (565m).

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